Reading a book, attending an online course, or attending a workshop is a great start to learning about a topic. However, talking with other people, exchanging ideas, sharing learnings, and getting feedback or compliments is the best way to grow your skills and experiences! The Art of Teams Community is your next or first step in helping teams create value!

The Art of Teams community is a thriving community, where people who care about teams come together! The fee is just one cup of coffee per month!

Get a real cup of coffee and enjoy the community!

Readers of the book The Art of Teams get one year free access!.
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The Art of the Teams community is the place to learn, talk and exchange ideas about teams. You can read a book alone, but we believe that learning about helping teams really start with joining a community and interact with other people.

The Art of Teams community is a place where you can share any insights on teams.

There are many spaces to discuss any topics related to teams. Additionally, there are benefits like discounts on conferences and free access to the Lean Coffee sessions organized by Art of Teams!

Did you know the becoming a member of the community will only cost you one cup of coffee per month?

What will you get for one cup of coffee per month:

  • Access to all practices mentioned in the Book The Art of Teams
  • Regular discounts to different conferences
  • Free access to lean coffee sessions
  • Many downloadable resources related to teams and the Art of Teaam
  • Interacting with many people who believe in the power of teams
  • Not another slack, but a real community platform

Your membership is per month, no need to sign up for one year. Decide per month if the community has still value or not!

Community Overview Practices

Join the Community

Join the community and learn from other people

Interact with like-minded people in the Art of Teams community. Share ideas, new and exciting tools, and insights from real-world experiences to help teams create value. 

Join the Academy

Do you want to learn more about the six components at your own pace?

Join the TOTA Academy and learn about how to have clarity, care about the results, understand their impact, have valuable conflicts, experience trust, and are reliable. Small bite-sized courses, that will grow your team skills in no time.

Join a Workshop

Learn about how to support teams to become successful

Take the next step and attend an in-person or online workshop! Getting together with other people who want to learn about the TOTA model is the best way to grow your skills. The TOTA workshops are a mix of theory and practice, but above all: interaction with the other attendees!

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